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"I love that everything can be adapted, shifted or changed as needed. Education, learning environments, schedules, etc. aren't stuck. I love that PAA includes parties, assemblies, and other activities that make school memorable. There is a growth mindset, not a fixed one."

- Amanda G.


"My children love the teachers and the arts side of learning! They have grown so much already!"

- Sashia N.


"We love PAA! Both my girls are excelling academically, enjoying new friend groups, and exploring new activities here. The teachers have been great at both challenging and supporting them when needed. We are very happy at Premier Arts Academy!"

- Stacey S.


"Both of my children are excited to go to school each day. They are learning so much more than school work. I believe the school genuinely cares about the students and action taken during any difficult time is much appreciated. I am confident that this school is only going to keep getting better as time goes on. We have loved this opportunity to have our kids at this school."

- Brandi G.


"It’s been the best educational experience by far!"

- Yadira C.


"We are choosing to have our children remain enrolled at Premier Arts Academy because we have been very pleased with the children's experience this year. They are very attentive to the children's needs and treat the students as if they are family. There are many extra curricular activities for the children to get involved in."

- Paige C.


"I really like this school and the kids actually like going to school now. Before they cried about going to school and I couldn't get them to get up in the morning. They don't have a problem going to school now. I also like that you guys are a smaller school and do more with kids."

- Kayla J.


" I feel like this school gives both of my children opportunities that other schools do not provide. I love the small school size, and my boys love the different ways they teach." 

- Cierra B.


"Not only are they getting an amazing education, they have so much fun every single day."

- Emilie M.


"It really brought my kids out of their shells. They incorporated what they learned in normal day to day conversation a lot more than any other years they’ve gone to school."

- Yessica G.


"We are choosing PAA because it has been the best experience for my kids. School used to be dreaded, but now it is exciting! I have seen so much growth in every direction in the just 3 months! They are truly thriving in this environment. Grateful for all they do!!"

- Amanda R.


"The school and staff has done wonders for our family and I'm so excited to see what's coming in the next few years!"

- Kathleen I.


"I was nervous about sending my youngest to kindergarten. Premier Arts has really brought her out of her shell. Both of my girls love going to school. My 3rd grader used to complain about going to school everyday. Since moving to PAA I don't think there has been a single complaint."

- Lynssey U.