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Board Meeting Minutes

Premier Arts Academy's Board Meetings are transparent and open to the public. Until Aug.1st each Board Meeting will be held at The Lerner Theatre (410 S. Main St. Elkhart, IN. 46516) in the lower level in the Premier Arts Rehearsal Hall. After Aug. 1st they will be held at the school's location (The HUB - 2721 Prairie St. Elkhart, IN. 46517)

February 28, 2023- Introductory Meeting

March 27, 2023- Policy Approvals, Elect Board Officers, Committee Formation

May 22, 2023- Budget Approval, Hiring Approvals, Goals, Dashboard

July 31, 2023- Establish Board Goals, Professional Development 

(POSTPONED) October 9th, 2023- Review NWEA results, Review First Quarter Goal Progress

November 27, 2023-First Quarter Financial Presentation from Kruggel

January 29, 2024- Review NWEA results, Review 2nd Quarter Goal Progress

March 25, 2024- Financial Presentation from Kruggel, Review By-laws and policies for possible changes, begin School leader evaluation, Review Preliminary Budget for next school year

May 27, 2024- Budget approval for 2024-2025 school year, Complete School leader Evaluation, Review NWEA test results, Elect New Board Officers