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Booster Club Minutes

PREMIER ARTS ACADEMY BOOSTER CLUB MEETING NOTES - Monday, April 15th at Elkhart Public Library  
In attendance: Kristen Widemeyer, Alex Hunter, Summer Murphy, Amber Rowland, Stacey Shultz, Marissa C., Stephanie Mosely, Summer Rundberg and Stephanie Krol 
Meeting called at 5:35 pm. 
PAA Update
Stephanie Krol gave an update that there will be a PAA recruitment event on May 9th at PAA STEM/ART event with heavy focus on 2nd and 3rd graders. She also talked about the 100% retention rate of current staff. PAA is in need of a few more teachers and paras (paras are a good job for parents too!) For hiring details, please contact Ashley Molyneaux- PAA Head of School.
Financial Update (Financial Co-Chair Alex Hunter) 
Fundraising Goal for 2023-2024 School Year: $12,350
  • Selling Shirts @ PT Conferences: $671.03
  • Donations: $50
  • Worlds Famous Chocolate: $6,894.51
  • Flowers @ Wizard of Oz: $757.51
  • Puffcorn: $5,543.50
  • MODs Give Back: Still waiting on this 
  • Fall Book Fair: $221.76
  • Spring Book Fair: $918.63
Total Raised for 2023-2024 School Year: $16,257.48
Funds Spent Overview: 
  • Bank Expenses: $96.64
  • Staff Appreciation: $640
  • Amazon Wish List: $2,449.67
  • Office Supplies: $7.83
  • Math Bowl: $239.57
  • Teacher Fund: $153.04
  • Community Expo: $367.93
  • Winter Parade: $175.46
  • Concession Stand: $138.90 (We currently have plenty to supply the last Expo so we will, ideally, make money on this) 
Total Spent: $5,469.04
Current Bank Balance: $10,788.44 
Where will this money go??
  • $2,071.96 left in the allocated budget for Teacher/Administration Funds 
  • $2,510.43 left in the allocated budget for Enrichment programs (school events/holidays, clubs, sports, etc.)
  • $2,000 left in the allocated Field Trip Fund 
  • Other smaller items include: Staff Appreciation, Last Community Expo, Supplies (see attached budget for more details) 
We have surpassed our Fundraising goal which is AMAZING! This will help us finish this year off strong and start next year in a really great position to further enrich the lives of our staff and families. Nice work to the entire Booster Club! 
Give Back Night Brainstorm included for this year:
Culver's - Idea for next year since you have to supply PAA parents to work the event
Vanilla Bean - Kristen Widemeyer will follow up
JoJo's - Kristen Widemeyer will follow up 
Panera- another suggestion
Honey Pot- Stephanie Krol will connect Kristen Widemeyer for a potential summer event
Jennifer Martin is also looking into a school supply kit that families can preorder as a fundraiser.
Alex Hunter is putting an email reminder together for staff on using staff booster grants for  the school year. 
STAFF APPRECIATION (Chair Stacey Shultz) 
National Teacher Week is May 6-10th 
We are putting this all together for a week to celebrate all of our staff to tie in Principal Day, Music Teacher, etc. Staff appreciation Day. Stacey and the committee are working with the art teacher Ms. Rose and Miss Acosta with support for student government. 
Highlights of the Week include:
Monday- Breakfast for Staff
Tuesday-Tote Bags -Teacher Survival Kids
Wednesday- Massage Chair/Hydration Bar/Raffle 
Thursday- Room service by Student Govt
Friday-Big lunch- still looking for donations 
Total number of 40 PAA Members. 
If anyone would like to donate to the raffle, we are still looking for raffle items - contact Stacey Shultz.
It was also requested that Stephanie Krol will  ask Tanner Smale to blast out the teacher/staff wish list for families for end of the year gifts. 
Community Expo 
May 29th 
End of the Year- Transitions theme. End of the year celebration 1st-6th grade.
Booster will run the concessions- we need 3 set up, 2 volunteers per shift 
The Kindergarten end of the year celebration will be May 30th 6-7 pm at PAA 
Summer is going to do a sign up shift 
School Board Update (Co-Chair Stephanie Mosley)
Stephanie Mosely gave the school board update on the upcoming annex for 4-6th grade and a few select specials. Stephanie commented that the plan is underway and more details will be coming soon once finalized.
IREAD went well with 75% of passing. 
40% increase of students for next year with the expansion. 
When the school makes a new policy, they post on the website including the 4 policies- virtual learning, withdrawal, harassment and due to state guidelines as gang activities policy was passed. 
Community Service (Stephanei Krol gave the update)
Jeff Szyapoto will give dates and times that Cultivate nonprofit needs PAA family volunteers. We want to do quarterly community service projects as a school family.
PAA Volunteer Hours 
Discussion on how to find where to log volunteer hours for the year. Stephanie Krol will reach out to Tanner Smale to put in school email and PAA Parent Page. 
Field Day
We will need LOTS of volunteers for FIELD DAY May 31st. Details forthcoming from PAA. 
Next Meeting: May 13th at 5:30 PM at Elkhart Public Library Downtown
Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.