Online School Lunch Payments Now Available


If you are familiar with TITAN food service management from your previous district, our LINQ system will function similarly. Please note that TITAN has been rolled into a company called LINQ, so you may see both names as you interact with the system.

You can access LINQ and your child’s account either through desktop or mobile platforms.

Desktop URL:

Or download the LINQ Connect app in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.



Select type: Student

District name: Premier Arts Academy - it should begin to autofill after typing in the first few letters - if not, give it a few seconds to appear.

It is important to understand the term “LINK STUDENT” means linking you (the parent/guardian) to the student account(s) and NOT between previous accounts or siblings.

IMPORTANT: If you have a previous TITAN account with another school district, you will need to go to the “three dots” in the upper right hand corner and select LINK PERSON. After you’ve added your child(ren), your previous school information may still show up - you can delete those old accounts to eliminate confusion (highly suggested so you don’t add money to the wrong account). If there is a balance on the previous school (positive or negative) those do not transfer or carry over to Premier Arts Academy - they are not connected financially in any way.


There is a transaction fee - It is approximately $2.60 per transaction. For this reason, we recommend adding larger amounts of money to minimize the transaction fee over time. You can put the credit card info in and choose whether it automatically draws payments on a regular basis or only when you choose to replenish. You can also transfer between siblings and set spending limits.

If you have already filled out the free/reduced meal application you do not need to do this for this year. Starting next year we will use LINQ to complete these forms.

We are not using the School Fees section at this time.